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9 Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations Your Kids Can Make

Making the food for Thanksgiving dinner is hard enough, but then when you have to think about cleaning the house and decorating, the task can seem insurmountable. On a good day, my house is a cluttered mess. If you ask me to decorate, chaos ensues.

That’s why I came up with this list. Getting the kids to take at least one thing off of my hands would be a miracle. Plus, when kids make them, there’s fewer expectations and a lot more, “How cute is this?”. There’s also the side bonus of keeping the kids busy and out of my hair for a few hours.

Good luck.

1. Spin Art Turkeys

Thanksgiving Table decorations for kids crafts

Maybe I’m new to the home crafting game, but my favorite part of this suggestion is that you use a salad spinner as a make-shift spin art machine! Dilly-Dali Art shows you how to decorate the turkey feathers, set it to spin, and then create your turkeys. If you want to use them as place cards, write a name along the top when you’re done and you have place cards for all your guests. If you need a salad spinner that you don’t mind getting dirty, there’s a good one here on Amazon.

2. Fall Leaf Napkin Tags

thanksgiving table decorations kids crafts

Two Shades of Pink created these really cool napkin holders and the work is about equal to letting your kids play with play-doh. All you need is some really cool cookie cutters like these leaf ones here on Amazon and some oven bake clay (you can get that on Amazon too). Don’t forget to poke a hole for threading. Once they’re baked give your kids a paintbrush and let them go to town!

3. Fall Leaf Garland

Thanksgiving table crafts kids
Courtesy: One Mom and A Blog

Let your kid’s creativity shine with this fall leaf garland. It’s a little messier than some of the other projects, but it will add a little splash of color to the house. Thank you, One Mom and A Blog for the tip.

4. Thankful Tree

thankful tree thanksgiving crafts decorations kids
Courtesy: One More Moore

This is one of those decorations that can be done by your kids or by all of the guests at the party. One More Moore shows you how to start out the Thankful Tree with a few sticks from your backyard. After that, cut out some leaves and then save them for just before dinner. Give everyone a pen and let them write down what they’re thankful for. Attach the leaves and you’ll have an awesome Thankful Tree. To make it work, you’ll need some floral foam and some fake moss just to make it look pretty.

5. Pressed Leaf Placemat

thanksgiving decorations crafts for kids dinner
Courtesy: Momtastic

This one is cool because it involves a walk and then a quick craft right after. Momtastic walks you through how to make these pressed leaf placemats. If you need leaves or just want to make a placemat that will last, you can buy some leaves here on Amazon.

6. Thanksgiving To Go Containers

Thanksgiving crafts decorations kids can make crafts
Courtesy: HGTV

HGTV has a lot of great ideas, but what I like about this one is that you don’t get stuck with all the leftovers in the end. Find some to go containers like these disposable paper ones on Amazon or hit up your local dollar store. Then show your kids how to paint cute turkeys on the containers.

7. Thanks Centerpiece

Thanksgiving crafts decorations kids can do make
Courtesy: Birds and Blooms

I really like this one because the only clean up required is a vacuum. With no paint, there’s no worry about clothing stains or worse, ones on the carpet. As Birds and Blooms explains, all you need is a trip to the dollar store or your local big box store to grab some cheap colored beans and glass bottles. Make sure the neck of the bottle is big enough to fit a candle into it. You can also find some bottles here on Amazon, or buy some bottled juice and then clean out the bottles.

8. Paper Leaf Origami

thanksgiving decorating crafts kids make dinner holiday

This one is great for decorating the table quickly and easily. Just have your kids make some paper origami leaves beforehand and then scatter them on the table the day of. Red Ted Art shows you how to make these easy origami leaves.

9. Stenciled Table Runner

thanksgiving decorations kids crafts child
Courtesy: Design Improvised

This is one where you just give the kids the stencils and then you walk away. Design Improvised makes this cute table runner for the Thanksgiving table. You can find some cheap and useful stencils here on Amazon. After that, it’s up to you to create!

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