10 Awesome Thanksgiving Themed Snacks for Kids

The kids have a little extra time off for Thanksgiving break, so I decided it’d be fun to spice things up during snack and lunch time. I’m not the most creative person in the kitchen, but I’m darn good at Googling! That’s how I found these great tips from some bloggers who are great in the kitchen.

1. Snack Time Turkey

thanksgiving snacks for kids easy
Courtesy: La Jolla Mom

This is the perfect healthy snack and it’s cute to boot. You’ll need some apples, pears, yogurt, and stick pretzels. La Jolla Mom shows you just how easy it is to make this snack time turkey.

2. Vegetable Cornucopias

thanksgiving snacks for kids

Kid Friendly Things To Do says the best part about this snack is that it’s easy to make. Crescent roll cornucopias are just roll and bake. As for the vegetables, you can buy them pre-cut or chop them yourself.

3. Cookies and More

Thanksgiving snacks for kids

There is no specific project for these cookie cutters, but they’re cute and useful. You can use them on cookies, or on your PBJ sandwiches. Thanks for the suggestion Forkly! You can find the ones pictured here on Amazon.

4. Turkey Cheese Snacks

thanksgiving snacks for kids

This one may require parental supervision if you have little ones. That’s because you actually use the waxy outside of the Babybel to help yo decorate your cheese turkey. Living Locurto tells you how easy it is to make these cheesy snacks.

5. Pumpkin Pie Cheese Treats

Thanksgiving Snacks for kids

If you’re even more ambitious, try She Knows‘ Pumpkin Pie Cheese Treats. While it looks complex, all it requires is three different types of crackers and cheese. In other words, you can get everything at the grocery store and then make these without much prep time.

6. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pumpkins

thanksgiving snacks for kids
Courtesy: Raising Whasians

This is probably more of a lunchtime thing, but I really love these Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pumpkins by Raising Whasians. For one thing, the broccoli is hidden inside the mac for those less vegetable inclined children. For another thing, they’re cute!

7. Turkey Treats

thanksgiving snacks for kids

If your kid is a peanut butter fiend like my little guy, then this is the treat for him. Meaningful Mama shows you how to make these easy turkey treats.

8. Turkey Sandwich

thanksgiving snacks for kids

This one also belongs in the lunch category but I liked it so much I wanted to include it anyway. Creative Kid Snacks shows you how to make a turkey sandwich with just a little bit of ingenuity. It only takes a few more minutes of prep time, which is awesome.

9. Turkey Juice Boxes

thanksgiving snacks for kids
Courtesy: Totally the Bomb

This idea comes courtesy of Totally the Bomb and I love it because it’s not a one and done kind of thing. The juice box wrapper can be used for multiple snack times to come.

10. Turkey Waffle

Thanksgiving snacks for kids

There’s a bunch of awesome ideas on Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons but I think my kids will be most thrilled with this one. For one thing, they’re both huge fans of toaster waffles. For another, it’s healthy!

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