13 Easy Holiday Gifts Your Kids Can Make

If your family is anything like mine, the time around Christmas consists of a lot of visits to a lot of houses. I have my family (both my dad’s and mom’s sides), my husband’s family (both dad’s and mom’s sides) and of course friends. Usually that means a little something for everyone and the price tag can creep up really quickly. Luckily for me, I had kids!

If you read my Thanksgiving Dinner Crafts post, then you know that the best part about letting your kids make the crafts for a holiday is that you get a “Aw, how cute,” instead of a “What the heck is this?” which is what I would hear if I made something.

So if you’re looking for something a little different to distribute to the friends and family this holiday season as you make the rounds, here’s some ideas.

1. Sandpaper Towels

Easy holiday gifts your kids can make christmas
Courtesy: Toddler Approved

I am not the most informed member of the arts and crafts community which is probably why I’ve never heard of this process. The blog Toddler Approved shows you how to make images on sandpaper and then transfer them onto material. What you get is a super cute and useful item. Plus, there’s tips on how to make the project work for even the youngest of artists.

You can find a whole pack of flour sack towels to get you started here on Amazon.

2. Homemade Wine Charms

Easy holiday gifts your kids can make christmas

If you’re having a party, these homemade wine charms are a perfect and useful gift. People can make their own drinks and choose a charm. Once the night’s over, they can take the charm with them as they leave. Happy Hooligans shows you just how easy it is to make them.

If you need clothes pins, check them out here on Amazon.

3. Homemade Fridge Magnets

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

These beautiful magnets are another holiday craft suggestion from Happy Hooligans. It’s Hooligan tested and approved. Jackie walks you through the entire project.

4. Scratch Art

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

It’s amazing how grandparents, great grandparents and close relatives love your child’s art more than the average person. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, set a day aside for scratch art portraits. Jean on The Artful Parent shares how she made the project even easier than usual. For that added touch, think about framing your works of art with picture frames picked up at the Dollar Store.

5. Recycled Art Magnets

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

Or just use the art you already have lying around. As much as I’d like to save every piece of art my children make, it takes up way too much space! That’s why I love this project. Kids Steam Lab shows you how to turn those drawings into magnets that you can give away for the holidays.

If you need flat marbles, Kids Steam Lab suggests you hit the Dollar Store. If you can’t find them there, you can find them here on Amazon.

6. Homemade Hot Chocolate

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

I have received this as a gift in the past and I loved it. It’s simple to make which means any of the kids can take part, plus who doesn’t love hot chocolate! Fireflies and Mudpies shows you just how it’s done, though I personally would add a few mini marshmallows into the mix to make it that much sweeter.

7. Jar of Cookies

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

I received a jar of cookies as a gift this year and it was gone in just a few days. A jar of cookies is a project and a gift the whole family can get behind. Personally, I’m a fan of the classic snickerdoodles (Dear Creatives has a recipe right here) or get creative, Fantastic Fun and Learning created “Moose Track” cookies with caramel, yum!

8. Homemade Sugar Scrub

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

Admittedly, this one is probably going to be appreciated by the women more than the men, but it’s an easy DIY project. Kids Activities Blog shows you just how to mix up the scrub. The site also has a list of some other cool scrubs you can make.

9. Homemade Soap

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

If sugar scrub isn’t your thing, think about making soap instead. The blog A Pumpkin & A Princess shows you just what to do. There’s some cooking involved so this project may be better suited for older kids. Either that or you can do the cooking and make it a learning experience for the kiddos.

If you do this project, you’ll need goats milk soap base. If you’re like me, you probably don’t have any of that lying around, but it’s pretty cheap and you can find it here on Amazon. While you’re shopping, you’ll also need to pick up lavender oil, which you can find here on Amazon.

10. Button Ornaments

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

There’s a variety of ornaments that you can make out of buttons, but I think I like this one the best. It’s simple and simple for your kids to do. Plus, you don’t need as many pins as you do with other button ornament projects. Girl Just DIY shows you how it’s done.

I usually pick up my buttons at Michael’s, but you can also find them here on Amazon.

11. Button Bookmarks

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

This is another cute button project and it’s super simple and easy for kids young and old. I Heart Naptime shows you how to make these cute button bookmarks. You can find some simple colored paper clips here on Amazon and cute buttons here on Amazon.

12. Infused Olive Oil

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy
Courtesy: Just Putzin Around the Kitchen

This will take a little preplanning, but it’s doable with kids young and old. Just Putzing Around the Kitchen shows you how to make the infused oil.

13. Homemade Crayons

holiday gifts your kids can make christmas diy

This one is a gift for young kids or at least people with young kids. I like it because the the result is cuter than the original. Real Life at Home outlines the simple way to make the crayons. If you need some cute molds, there’s a flower one here on Amazon, or a collection of dinosaurs and robots here on Amazon.

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